Immaculata PA Commercial Roofing

Your business or commercial roofing Immaculata PA property needs a strong roof. Therefore, it’s important to keep your employees and customers protected at all times. And if your roof is in need of repair or replacement, this could seriously harm the productivity of your business.

A damaged or poorly installed roof can cost you. In addition, some roofs will allow the sun’s heat to enter the building. Thus, this leads to air conditioners running inefficiently. And with an inefficient air conditioner comes higher energy bills for your property. To avoid this issue and many others, consider having your new commercial roofing system installed by Bottom Line Construction.

We offer many options for commercial property owners. With a new roof by Bottom Line, you can start saving money on energy bills. You can also rest assured that we’ve protected your property against weather damage. And our roofs last for many years to come. Therefore, you won’t need a replacement in just a few years. Give our office a call at 484-798-5898 to learn more.

Cool Roofing Systems Immaculata PA

Conkin cool roofing systems
Conklin Cool Roofing Systems expertly installed in Immaculata PA

Bottom Line offers “cool” roofing systems to commercial property owners in Immaculata PA. With a cooling roof, you can keep your property’s temperature regulated.

A cool roof by Bottom Line is highly reflective. Because of this quality, the roof can reflect heat from the sun. Less reflective systems will allow heat into the building, raising the internal temperature. This can be frustrating on hot summer days. And if you’re running the air conditioner, it could lead to high cooling costs.

To avoid this problem, install a cool roof today. In fact, a cool roof lowers roof temperature by 40%. On a hot, sunny day, this can make a big difference in your property’s temperature.

Our cool roofs are highly durable, and sustainable, and help lower the heat island effect. For more information on commercial cool roof installation, contact Bottom Line Construction at 484-798-5898.

Fabric-Reinforced Roofing Systems Immaculata PA

Do you want a roof that’s stronger? Or a roof that’s less prone to leaks? Consider a fabric-reinforced roofing system by Bottom Line Construction.

A fabric-reinforced roof is much stronger than a standard roofing system. And this is great for business owners who don’t want to deal with frequent repairs or replacements.

These unique systems are waterproof and can prevent leaks. First, we apply a seamless acrylic coating to the roof. And then, we embed a piece of flexible, tough fabric. This creates a membrane that is both lightweight and rugged. You won’t need to worry about it rupturing and splitting. When a roof splits or ruptures, this can lead to serious leaks.

Therefore, a fabric-reinforced roof offers more protection. And these roofs have a longer lifespan. Water damage and leaks can be expensive to repair. In addition, roofs with water damage have shorter lifespans. The longer your roof’s lifespan, the less often you’ll need to replace it. Thus, your business can save money on roofing costs.

Fabric-reinforced roofs are also more energy-efficient than standard roofs. In other words, they can keep warm or cool air trapped in the building. Your HVAC system will run more efficiently than ever. Give our office a call at 484-798-5898 to learn more.

Membrane Coating Systems

commercial roofing systems
Immaculata PA Commercial roofing systems

Do you have an existing membrane roof? Even a strong roof can be made stronger. And if you’re a business owner looking for the longest-lasting roof, then membrane coating systems are an option.

A membrane coating system by Bottom Line makes your roof even more waterproof. This is also known as a complete waterproofing system.

Membranes like EPDM and TPO can become weathered. Your rooftop can also become cracked. In addition, a leak can develop. Dirt and other kinds of damage may lower the lifespan of your roof. But it’s possible to protect your roofing system against these common threats.

Damaged roofs are less energy efficient. And this means that a membrane coating system can help you save energy. To lower your energy bills, try installing a new membrane coating system.

Elastomeric coatings are cost-effective and powerful. And these coatings repair and preserve many single-ply membrane roofs.

To spend less on roofing repairs and prevent leaks, have a membrane coating system installed. Bottom Line Construction installs these coatings on commercial rooftops. Give our office a call at 484-798-5898 to learn more.

Metal Commercial Roofing Restoration in Immaculata PA

It’s true that metal roofs are stronger than many other materials. Thus, they’re a great option for businesses and commercial properties. A metal roof won’t need frequent repairs. And as a property owner, you won’t need to worry about constant roofing damage.

But metal roofs aren’t immune to damage. Metal roofing systems become worn down over time and can become damaged. For instance, a leak can develop at any of the seams. A leak will cause water damage to the inside of your property. Water damage is a headache for business owners. And it can even be costly to repair.

Install a complete waterproofing system on your metal roof. This can stop leaks and rust. It also keeps your metal roof energy efficient. Therefore, you can start spending less on heating and cooling bills.

Metal design flaws can also occur. A design flaw makes a metal roof look less appealing to onlookers. Metal roof restoration by Bottom Line can correct these flaws. Our team will keep your metal roof’s appearance in top shape. Give our office a call at 484-798-5898 to learn more.

Single-Ply Membrane Commercial Roofing System

Commercial properties can extend their roof’s life with a single-ply membrane system in Immaculata PA. This thermoplastic membrane is resistant to many chemicals. In addition, it has incredible reflexivity.

Single-ply membrane systems are made of numerous membrane rolls. During installation, the rolls are welded together. This creates a durable, energy-efficient, and waterproof shield.

These systems protect roofs from wind, hail, or other extreme weather conditions. And weather-related damage often leads to expensive repair jobs. Roofs that are weather damaged often have shorter lifespans, as well.

Do you need excellent fire protection? Don’t forget that single-ply membrane systems are UL fire rated.

Strengthen your roof today with a single-ply membrane system. Contact Bottom Line Construction, and we’ll install one of these protective systems for you. Give our office a call at 484-798-5898 to learn more.

Spray Foam Roofing Systems

Your commercial property needs a roof that’s waterproof and insulated. Another way to get this is through spray foam roofing systems. This is another roofing service that Bottom Line offers business and commercial property owners in Immaculata PA.

For this service, we use Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). This seamless barrier system waterproofs and insulates your property’s roof. And with the extra protection, your roof will be less prone to damage. In addition, you may see a reduction in energy costs.

Spray foam roofing systems are lightweight and reliable. They also last for many years. Therefore, your rooftop will stay shielded for years after the SPF is applied.

This system gives your roof a white, cool, and highly reflective surface. And the insulation value is an impressive R-6.3 per inch. You can prevent lateral water movement, simplify repairs, and more. Give our office a call at 484-798-5898 to learn more.

Commercial Roofing by Bottom Line Construction in Immaculata PA

For expert commercial roofing services, contact Bottom Line Construction. We’re a team of experienced contractors. And if you need services like metal roof restoration, fabric-reinforced roofing systems, membrane coating systems, and many more, we’re the provider you can turn to.

You can contact us to discuss your roofing project. Reach out to Bottom Line Construction through our online form. But you can also give our office a call at 484-798-5898 to learn more or discuss your options. We look forward to improving your commercial roof!